• How Much Will You Pay for Transport in Koh Samui?

    Getting around Koh Samui can be tricky, since there is no official bus service like you would find in Thailand. However, there are still several options for getting where you want to go.

    The most popular and cheapest method of travel around the island is taking the Songthaews. These covered trucks feature two benches on the back, and they usually only cost a flat rate of 20 baht, wherever you want to go. For longer trips, you can pay upwards of 60 baht. The prices are per person, and you may be able to haggle with the driver about fare for your particular destination. If you are going somewhere relatively far away, make sure you work out price with the driver ahead of time, if it is important to you.

    You definitely want to work out the price for anywhere you are going that’s not on their normal route. They will charge you more if want them to go out of their way for you, and it’s good to know ahead of time how much that will be.

    More expensive options include taking taxi cabs or renting a car of your own. If you are just going to and from the airport, however, you should use the service provided by your accommodation provider. If you are renting a villa with us, then your cheapest and most reliable option for getting to and from the airport is our transport service. We can also recommend other transport options to you, and don't forget to visit koh samui real estate once you are here.